Back Pain Prevention
and Safety

Back Pain Prevention
and Safety

Back Pain Prevention and Safety

Back pain is a costly problem for employers and employees alike.

  • 1/3 people will suffer a debilitating episode of back pain in their life.
  • 1/8 people at any given time are experiencing some degree of back pain.
  • 1/4 WCB claims are due to low back pain.
  • 13 days median and 47 days average time is lost per back related WCB claim. Worksafe BC 2002
  • Lost time injuries due to low back pain increase an employer significantly.
  • Knowledge and use of proper biomechanics and core strength reduces chance of injury.

Prevention is the key to managing low back pain.

Dr. Pattison has created an interactive and entertaining one hour presentation. Technical jargon is virtually nonexistent. Focus is placed on injury prevention and practicality.

  • Basic structure of the spine
  • Function of the spine: protection, attachment, motion.
  • Pathology- Herniated discs, joint dysfunction, sprains and strains.
  • Dispelling myths surrounding back pain and treatment.
  • Mechanisms of Injury- 3 mechanisms explained with models and audience participation.
    • One time trauma
    • Repetitive Strain
    • Sustained Load
  • Prevention of injury- effective use of biomechanics and neutral spine lifting techniques with practical examples and audience participation.
  • Overview of core muscles and function.
  • Conditioning the body for work. Based on current University of Waterloo research on back injury prevention and treatment. Audience participation is encouraged. Generally 90% of workers are capable of performing these exercises or one of the demonstrated modifications.
  • Question and answer period to solidify concepts and confirm that individual needs are assessed and addressed.
Posted on: June 18, 2019Dr. Doug Pattison