The Lazy
Health Nut

The Lazy
Health Nut

Adopting a healthy lifestyle that is easy to swallow.

Are employee absence and employee retention important issues in your organization? Healthy employees make happier, more productive employees. The Lazy Health Nut is a 60-90 minute look at health and fitness that is easy to swallow. Dr. Doug puts complex subject matter into every-day language with plenty of take home gems.

The Costs of Doing Nothing to Promote Workplace Health

  • Health care costs are 2x – 3x greater for an employee with 3 or more risk factors (i.e. sedentary lifestyle, smoker, overweight and drink too much) than those with no such risk factors. The more risk factors someone has, the greater the cost to an employer they are (Shain & Suurvail, 2001).
  • Active employees have a 25% reduction in the incidence of injury (Plotnikoff et. al, 2003).
  • Active employees take 27% fewer sick days and report 14-25% fewer disability days (Plotnikoff et. al, 2003).

Healthy Eating at the Workplace

Employees spend an average of 60% of their waking hours at work. That means they most likely eat at least one meal at work and probably most snacks. The availability of healthy food choices in your vending machines, cafeterias and meetings can help employees to make wise food choices. Use this policy guide to implement a healthy eating policy and create a supportive environment within your organization.

Nutrition, Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle

  • Overview of health and wellness concerns
  • Lifestyle related diseases made simple
  • Who, What When, Why and of Nutrition
  • Basic questions answered.
    • What does the body need?
    • How much to eat?
    • Who needs who in the food world?
    • How often should we eat?
    • How much food do we need?
  • How to plan to succeed
  • Fad diets debunked
  • Physical activity made easy
Posted on: June 18, 2019Dr. Doug Pattison